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Ghost table is a solo table that is lightweight and can be stored compactly.
It has a simple structure consisting of only one piece, and its unique design, in which the legs are fixed with strings and becomes three-dimensional, is a new form that has never been seen before (design application has been filed).
A translucent and light table that looks like a ghost. However, we named it Ghost Table with the image of a pop, adorable and cute ghost.
There are no front or back sides, so please use whichever side you like.
I think it would be a good idea to put stickers on it and make your own original ghost table.

GHOST TABLE owo (Regular)
Material: Polypropylene (table body), nylon (clasp)
Weight: 60g
Top plate size: 200 x 180mm x height 50mm
Storage size: 295mm x 210mm x thickness 1.2mm
Load capacity: Approximately 7kg (loaded in the center and not shaken)

GHOST TABLE owo (large)
Material: Polypropylene (table body), nylon (clasp)
Weight: 87g
Top plate size: 240 x 210mm x height 55mm
Storage size: 345mm x 245mm x thickness 1.2mm
Load capacity: Approximately 8 kg (loaded in the center and not shaken)

If used outdoors for a long time, discoloration or deformation will occur.
As it is flammable, please keep it away from high temperature places or fire.
Impact resistance may be weakened at low temperatures below -5℃.
When disposing, please follow the disposal classification of your local government.

We do not recommend wrapping it around your luggage.
If you leave it in a curved state for a long time, a curved pattern will form on the top plate and it will not be possible to assemble it properly. In such a case, take measures such as bending it in the opposite direction.

Due to the nature of polypropylene plates, if a cup or pot with a hot bottom is placed on it due to boiling water, etc., it may become deformed. Also, if you bend it too hard, it may turn white.

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